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A porch is a covered area and usually does not have walls. Porch terminology can date back as far as ancient Greece and Rome. Modern day porches are thought of as covered areas and can include a wall of some type, usually one that allows for maximum visibility to the outdoors using glass or screens. 

Simply put we now think of Patios as a usable space that is made of stone or wood such as a deck or concrete slab. A Porch is a area that is covered and may or may not have walls and provides protection from sun or the elements. 

We often hear our customers ask about patio designs and how we can expand on a current deck design or create an entirely new patio. 

There is a little confusion here and we figured we would clear up some terminology. A patio is any structure that is usually joined to your house and is an open feature, no walls and no cover.  It creates a greater usable space for your yard especially if you have landscape that tends to saturate easily after a rain or maybe you have a yard that does not grow much grass creating a unusable space, without a patio structure to assist. 

Porch Designs

Custom Patio Cover attached to house

Customers in Texas love their Porches. Whether it is a Frontyard Porch or a Backyard Porch we build them to create an outdoor living room. Porches are a great way to be outside and experience nature without the bugs and rain. We have designed quite a few Porches including fully enclosed and covers only. 

If you are looking for accessory features for your patio we can help create the design that fits your back or front-yard just right. Looking to get started on your next patio design? Get in touch with us today and schedule a FREE estimate. 

Outdoor Patios are our most common landscape add-ons. We have created garden patio designs and developed front and backyard patios. They are a great place for outdoor kitchens and entertaining during nice weather. 

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