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Cantilever decks are a fantastic way to create more space in areas that are difficult to build a standard deck system. Unfortunately, the required system, to enable a cantilever deck to work properly, requires adequate support without adding stress to the structure that is being used. In the case of our customer over at Riglea Country Club Golf Course, the cantilever deck was stressing the structures and causing to much stress and beginning to create damage.

The JCustomLands crew worked with the home-owner to help ensure the retaining walls could support several 6×6 posts allowing us to build the deck out to the desired square footage. Our project below has only a couple feet of the cantilever but allows for additional space.

We prefer, in any case possible, to use the strongest framing that the area will fit. Based on the ground height to the door frame entrance, we were only able to use 2×6 framing with 12-inch joist spacing and additional shoring. We finished out the deck with cedar deck boards and a custom rail system to keep a low profile look.

The deck turned out so well that we added a pathway to the front, landscape including custom masonry border walls, and new grass to bring everything together. Each deck project is different for us and we enjoy the challenge of making the customer’s vision fit into their space and budget. We were able to build a beautiful cantilever deck for this customer, that will last for decades to come.

Here is an article on Cantilever deck construction we found useful during the design process.