cedar pergola design

Cedar Pergola: Fort Worth

The title of this job may not make much sense. It was just a quick play on words when I was thinking about my initial meeting with Katherine, her Mom, and Aunt. They have a beautiful house tucked behind the TCU area in a quiet neighborhood and needed some pergola shade.

They were lucky that the backyard came with a nice solid 15x15 slab of concrete where they decorated with the area with a comfortable outdoor sofa, the primary problem was there was zero shade, and even in the cooler fall and winter months in Texas, the sun was still too much.

 When I went out back to take a look at the area to provide some thoughts and preliminary pergola design ideas, I felt like I could fry an egg on the concrete slab.

We designed their pergola to fit right in with the natural layout of the existing patio. I have mentioned in other pergola posts that there are not many pergolas that are exactly alike. A pergola can be built to provide various levels of shade. They can be used for additional plant space that needs less sunlight. Pergola shade can also be made without using numerous slats and rather a canopy that can be drawn at various times of the day. We even have even used pergola designs to build patio covers that have a more defined looked underneath the roof.

The Build: 6x6 cedar posts mounted with metal plates into the concrete, 4x6 beams ran on top of the posts instead of doubleheaders creating a bolder look. We then ran 2x6 cedar boards with 2x2 slats on 6" centers for just the right amount of shade throughout the day.

We originally planned on using an Olympic gold semi-transparent russet color stain, but the color tone of the cedar made it come out more red than brown, so to fix it would add a nice coat of Olympic gold mahogany that gave it just the right touch. To finish it up we cut posts supported from 4x6 beams and trimmed out the base of the posts to cover the metal anchors.

There where a couple of times during the project were we had a few bumps in our design and how the look was coming together and we had to make some adjustments to ensure we got the customers vision right, in the end it turned out beautiful and gave us a few more tricks to add to our custom landscape book.

cedar pergola design
cedar pergola