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Landscape Masonry Work

Masonry work has become a key component to many of our projects, helping to fully develop our projects.

We offer a variety of masonry services with materials such as concrete and various types of stone.

Retaining Walls: Concrete, stone, or brick we have built some beautiful retaining walls to help separate areas of yards, gardens while helping to prevent washout from heavy rainstorms. Our retaining walls are built with a hefty footer for sturdiness and a french drain to allow for proper water drainage away from various structures. We also offer retaining wall repair.

Stone Edge: If you are looking for a different look than a cheap composite or wood garden border a stone garden edge might do just the trick. They are lost lasting, do not rot, do not attract insects like many wood borders, and enhance the entire look of a garden.

Patio Pavers: We have taken worn concrete patios and with a little repair and paver work have created some beautiful patios. Flagstone pavers are a popular choice in Texas, and we over them and many more options to the design of your patio.

Walkways: Refinished steps, pool walkways, garden walkways, and standard sidewalks.

Stone Water Features: Yes we even build ponds and various types of water features, even if you are just looking for a zero-maintenance dry creek we have a broad portfolio of masonry work to enhance your yard.