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Growing up my parents always had us doing various chores around the house. My Dad taught us how to build and repair things around the property, and my Mom was always showing us how to take care of things like laundry and teaching us how to cook and clean.

My dad owned a residential sprinkler repair company for over 30 years and passed management down to my oldest brother a few years back. At one point in time every son (by the way I am from a family of now fourteen kids) worked for the company, and between working outside and going on, at times, month-long camping trips with my dad and brothers, I built a love for the outdoors.

After I graduated, I continued to do sprinkler jobs for my Dad and slowly began to branch out on my own. I started with just basic garden design, helping customers plan and create gardens for various seasons. Gardening and sprinkler repair where the start of the expansion of my full spectrum landscape business (except mowing of course) and every year I had added something new to the portfolio.

I have had the pleasure of working with many of my close friends who have also specialized in various trades, such as masonry, metal, and wood. Bringing new talents to the company and helping us meet our goals.

I have always worked with several brothers over the years, who all bring a plethora of talents to the table. We sub-contract for irrigation (when we are backed up) through Sprinkler Repair Man, Marketing and consulting through WebnFlo, Web Development from Sulu13, and I usually have one or more brothers working with me full-time during the busy months.

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