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Javier Solis Deck: Keller, TX


Solis: Pool Deck

We say a lot about creating a usable space in our customer’s yard, and this is project was a prime example. With more homes being built in development style neighbors the yard space can be limited.

Javier had a beautiful pool and a decent concrete patio engulfing one side of the pool, but the other side was a drop off to a hill full of rocks and not good for much.

Our solution was to build a structurally sound deck that would not only support any shift that might come from the pool but also create 440 sqft of space that was not available before.

Project Details: 6×6 posts, 2×8 industrial grade lumber, 2×6 treated deck boards, custom handrails with top cap and powder coated balusters on 8″ centers.


Paul Peraino Deck: Keller,Texas

Pressure Treated Lumber: Deck

Paul found us through Home Advisor while looking for a quality landscape company. Paul was looking for a company that could turn his backyard into something usable. The land was filled with rocks and did not allow for the grass to grow. He had looked into building a pressure treated lumber deck but did not have enough time or manpower to complete the project without greatly interfering with his work schedule. After working with his budget we developed a deck design for two pressure treated lumber decks, using 2x8 structural lumber and 2x6 deck boards, along with our favorite 6x6 posts for extra support.

We built one large deck right off the house that measured 32 linear ft in length and had two sections of 10 ft. and 15 ft. extending from the house. We then built a pathway with large flagstone to a slightly suspended deck that was 150 sqft (10x15). Both decks where a simple build, using high quality treated lumber with a 25-year warranty. We added a coat of Dark Walnut Stain at the end to give the decks a better look. Now his backyard has plenty of usable space and he added a Pergola to the 150 sqft deck for optimal shade.

His next project is to build a sand-pit with another flagstone pathway where he can have a large fire-pit. We would love to say the rocks were not too bad, but if you look at the finished upper deck, there are a couple rocks accenting the deck. Those boulder took several hours to dig out of the ground where our posts needed to be. So we are pretty sure that the cost of two decks is better than completely re-landscaping the backyard.

Pressure Treated Lumber Deck

View from house

Treated Lumber Deck

View from upper deck

wood porch

The Hauns Deck: Fort Worth

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Hauns: Meadow Brook Golf Course

The Hauns (our close relatives) moved back to Texas a few years ago after a stent in another state, which we won’t speak of.

They bought a beautiful home right on the number 5 tee box at Meadow Brook Golf Course in Fort Worth. With a beautiful living room that encompasses bay windows to give you a complete view of the 5th hole. The existing porch was a bit small and after hosting a couple Thanksgiving dinners and small gatherings, they decided it was time for an upgrade. Who better to call than their handy nephews!

Josh designed a beautiful deck that increased the deck size a few hundred square feet. After figuring out the budget we began work and a few weeks later we had completed one of our largest ever decks.

Now it would only be fair to say that we only intended to build a larger deck with some nice steps to the yard. However, what are relatives for other than to test new ideas on? Seeing as how their backyard has quite a bit of a slope, Josh got the brilliant idea to build a few decent sized platform steps that not only allowed for additional seating areas but also create quite a unique look for the entire project.

A little landscape overhaul in the front yard and the project was complete. Oh and now they have two decks from JCustomLands. Shortly after they moved back Josh and the crew built a nice porch in the front of the house.



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Ridglea Country Club Deck Design

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Cantilever decks are a fantastic way to create more space in areas that are difficult to build a standard deck system. Unfortunately, the required system, to enable a cantilever deck to work properly, requires adequate support without adding stress to the structure that is being used. In the case of our customer over at Riglea Country Club Golf Course, the cantilever deck was stressing the structures and causing to much stress and beginning to create damage.

The JCustomLands crew worked with the home-owner to help ensure the retaining walls could support several 6×6 posts allowing us to build the deck out to the desired square footage. Our project below has only a couple feet of the cantilever but allows for additional space.

We prefer, in any case possible, to use the strongest framing that the area will fit. Based on the ground height to the door frame entrance, we were only able to use 2×6 framing with 12-inch joist spacing and additional shoring. We finished out the deck with cedar deck boards and a custom rail system to keep a low profile look.

The deck turned out so well that we added a pathway to the front, landscape including custom masonry border walls, and new grass to bring everything together. Each deck project is different for us and we enjoy the challenge of making the customer’s vision fit into their space and budget. We were able to build a beautiful cantilever deck for this customer, that will last for decades to come.

Here is an article on Cantilever deck construction we found useful during the design process.


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