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From the experience of JCustomlands to the research we do for our customers, we provide answers to some of your landscape questions to help improve the quality and functionality of your land.

Everything we do starts with landscape design, after working with our customer on their vision and goal for their landscape ideas, we put together a plan that will expand the usability and functionality of their land.

Our designs are developed and built to fulfill single or multiple functions of your landscape, whether it is usability from a new deck or patio or a new garden design where you can sit in your favorite lawn chair and enjoy your morning cup-of-joe while taking in the fresh scent of rosemary and eucalyptus our goal is to provide a little oasis right outside your door.

As a group of guys and gals who grew up exploring the outdoors, we are passionate about being outside and it is where we found ourselves to be the most creative.

All our projects are unique and we usually add an extra special touch, such as landscape rocks to bring depth to your garden or even patio, or a pergola with side gardens where you can read, meditate, or do anything you like while surround by natures relaxing embrace. We set ourselves apart from other companies by the relationships and trust that we build with our customers.